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Help get in and out

When the war started it became obvious that transportation is one of the most demanded services. Millions of people were forced to leave their country and millions stayed in Ukraine without food, medicine, clothes and other things. Becoming a link between two worlds became crucial in this reality.

CFSW Ukraine decided to organize a two-sided connection to help people escape from the war zone to safer places abroad. On the other hand, we transport all the necessary things to the regions under difficult humanitarian situations. Regular transportations help people be safe and supplied with the products and medicine.

“Sometimes be ready to give a helping hand is more important than the help itself”

What do we help with?

First of all our team does not stand aside the problem. We maintain and arrange supplies of medicine and help people who need urgent or everyday treatment. Our work includes:

  • providing the rare and demanded medicine to the places where people need it

  • taking part in arranging of the supplies of medicine needed to treat civilians and soldiers after being attacked

  • organizing the required medical assistance for the hardly injured 

  • arranging emergency assistance abroad for people rescued from the territories of the widespread fighting

Every effort counts

It’s important to remember that simple help can change somebody’s life. While some of the people have nothing more to lose and nothing left behind, you may participate in creating a new stage in their life. Our team united all the volunteers abroad and within the country to help rescue people from dangerous regions, to keep on supplying people with food, clothes, medicine etc.

If you are not indifferent and feel inner power to take action, you may be helpful in various ways. Providing information about people who need our support, linking us with other volunteers abroad or making donations. Every single effort matters.

Why is it so important?
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