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Shelter Ukrainian Elders

Being home is an incredible feeling that makes you feel comfortable and peaceful. When war or any other disaster comes to your home and tears apart everything, it’s crucial to have a helping hand. We stand for every old person who lost their houses due to an unexpected tragedy. Right now more than 4,5 million people left Ukraine and became refugees, as their houses were destroyed or are dangerous for staying at.

The problem of losing home is especially unbearable for eldery people who turned out to be abandoned and alone. CFSW Ukraine focuses on providing support in finding temporary or permanent places to live for eldery people who need it the most.

“Your home will be
where your heart is.”


How can we help?

Besides the burden of being homeless, eldery people usually require additional medical or other qualified support. It is necessary to provide full-time caring for those people who can’t help themselves. Our activities includes:

  • sheltering eldery people who lost their relatives

  • providing 24/7 caring for bedridden eldery people

  • organizing various events within special institutions

  • providing financial support for paying the residence within retirement home

  • supporting aging people throughout this journey to start a new life

We are here to help

CFSW Ukraine emphasizes society’s attention on the importance of helping the elder generation, as it’s almost impossible for them to adjust to the current situation. Respecting the roots means being here to find a way out for them.

Our team is on guard to find those lonely people, provide the necessary assistance and adapt them to the new reality. We’ve developed all the necessary connections to make the way to a new life easier and as comfortable as possible. If you know anyone who may be in need of our assistance, let us know using the contact information. 

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