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Help our tailed friends

Some of the problems are unpredictable and some of them, unfortunately, became a part of our life. Lonely or abandoned dogs and cats are victims of human cruelty. Day after day the problem of the increasing number of animals which need our help changes dramatically. People keep on betraying their tailed friends by leaving them, giving up on taking care of them.

Fortunately, there are kind people who are trying to work on the problem of homeless pets. They are workers of animal shelters and usually it’s hard to run this without support. CFSW Ukraine works on assisting such institutions who help our little brothers being saved, fed and re-homed.

“There is nothing better than seeing a pet enjoying the life you gave him.”


What is our help about?


Animal shelters are often run by initiative people who adore animals and would love to help them in any possible way. They always take each story of the pet very personal while trying to find a new home for them. Covering all the expenses with so many branches of work turns out to be impossible. That is why CFSW Ukraine became a part of this movement to let the tailed friends live their happy life.


Our team participates in day to day pet shelters’ needs which includes:

  • providing animal feed to the existing animal shelters

  • building and renewing the enclosures

  • paying utility fees

  • paying for the needed medical care for the animals

  • transportation of the dogs and cats

Being helpful is easy

Our pets are helpful, as all their lives totally depend on someone’s will. It sometimes happens that a person who turned out to be an irresponsible owner made a terrible mistake. Together we are able to solve this problem and save a tailed life. Our aim is to help every pet find their new home and start a new life. 


If you want to be a part of our movement, share some information about pets or pet shelters that need help or donate, reach us using the contact information.

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