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Sport for Support

Not only collecting humanitarian aid helps people who need it overcome the ghastly period in their life. There are other ways to support and contribute to any kind of help. CFSW Ukraine discovers any opportunity to gather people willing to help. Sport has always been one of the most powerful ways to bring additional attention to the problem and raise money.

We decided to add charity sport events as a part of our volunteering aid, as it may become an efficient movement. Sport events are used to attract people, governmental, and the world's society's attention. If there is a special purpose to organize such events it will be a major driving force.

“Take part today to make our tomorrow possible”

What do we organize?

As we are not a specific sport association, our participation in various charitable sport occasions involves raising money for people in need. Besides this we consider it necessary to make public the arosen problems while sharing the information through all the possible resources. Our aid includes:

  • participating in various exhibitions devoted to world’s sport community

  • taking part in sport conferences 

  • active participation in charitable sport competitions

  • organizing sport charities and raising money for humanitarian aid.

Get together to support

CFSW Ukraine keeps on exploring all the possible options to bring sense, usefulness and meaning in every action we take. The Sports branch is one of those that claims society’s attention and involves more people’s efforts within the mutual goal. It turns out that using this source it is easier to spread the main message we have to convey to people.

Why is it so important?
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