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Save people’s lives

People who became victims in war, terrorist attack or other accidant very often suffer from hard complications. Besides the horror they overcame, they usually need professional medical assistance. Some of the necessary manipulations are urgent and some are to be done outside the country. The costs are high and time to act is always limited.

CFSW Ukraine helps people to get the required healthcare from all over the country. As there are a lot of those who need a day to day taking medicine: like insulin, hormones, remedy for epilepsy, asthma etc. Without an appropriate treatment people become prisoners of the fleeting time. 

“Life can’t be postponed,
help us today.”

What can we do?

First of all our team does not stand aside the problem. We maintain and arrange supplies of medicine and help people who need urgent or everyday treatment. Our work includes:

  • providing the rare and demanded medicine to the places where people need it

  • taking part in arranging of the supplies of medicine needed to treat civilians and soldiers after being attacked

  • organizing the required medical assistance for the hardly injured 

  • arranging emergency assistance abroad for people rescued from the territories of the widespread fighting

They need us every day

People who turned out to be separated from the civilized world experience the lack of life important medicine every day. We know how to help and where to get the essential wayout. All we need here within the CFSW Ukraine team is to feel your support.

Resistance may be shown in different ways. The desire to save the injured people or people who need special medical treatment is our moving power. Together we can save many lives by sharing information about our organization, connecting us with other medical institutions or donating. 

Why is it so important?
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