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How did we start?

When war comes to your home, there is no possibility to be ready for this. Even if foreign intelligence services told us the threat is real, they told us to take precautions. But it’s impossible. Once we woke up with bursts and explosions, we understood how fragile our life is. Every Ukrainian felt this emptiness and feeling of despair inside. Neither do we.

After we recovered from the shock, we decided to be a part of our resistance, in any potential way. We created the charity organization called CFSW Ukraine to support all of the people in need. Unexpectedly the horror of war brought the strength and power to us to be useful. We made up our mind to keep on assisting people, raising money for various needs, managing transportations and rescuing people from hotspots.

Official proofs

Everybody knows the importance of understanding who stands behind the charity organizations. The Charity Fund Stand With Ukraine was registered on the 11 of May 2022. The necessary documentation is provided in a pdf format and is available for viewing within the website.

The fund is legal and works under the law of Ukraine. Any donation and cooperation with the fund is free of scams. We make regular reports on the funds used for charitable operations while providing photo proofs. You may find more information about our projects within dedicated categories and blog sections.

Why is it important to Stay With Ukraine

Ukraine is a beautiful, rich and sovereign country which is unlucky to have such an aggressive neighbor. On 24 of February 2022 Ukraine became the main symbol of human resistance and desire to be free. Our cities and villages were occupied, being shelled and destroyed for the right of the whole Europe to be free of terrorism.

We are the main barrier for the whole of Europe, and besides the everyday force shown by Ukrainian Armed Forces, we need to be a moving force in the rear. It’s crucial to provide all the needed help for refugees, injured people, elderies, children and abandoned animals. 

Our projects

We decided to distinguish our main branches of work accordingly. Our team works on various missions everyday, covering the most difficult aspects:

  • sheltering of homeless people, those who lost their homes after the artilery or bomb shelling

  • helping the eldery people escape and adopt outside the country

  • repairing and building new homes for people escaping from war zone

  • rescuing children without parents while providing the opportunity to continue learning at school

  • transportation and re-homing of our tailed friends

  • rescuing people from combat zone

  • raising money through sport charities events

  • organizing the required medical assistance for the hardly injured 

  • providing necessary legal assistance for Ukrainian refugees abroad

  • online and mobile psychological assistance for the victims.

Take an action

Every action counts, every effort makes its impact. Now we feel the power of being together and united. Our team includes not only volunteers who help us with transportation and supplies but every person who joined by donating. A single sum spent on a cup of coffee can save somebody’s life.

All together we can contribute and help the situation change. By supporting injured and saved people we give Ukraine and Ukrainians to have an opportunity to have another page of their future. Together we can save many lives by sharing information about our organization, connecting us with other volunteers or donating. 

Don’t stay indifferent, support us now,
help Ukraine live tomorrow!

Registration documents

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