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Phone: +38 (050) 530-88-40

The address: Ukraine, 02175, Kiev, Kharkisvke shosse 150/15, GNP 194, office 1

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CFSW Ukraine is an official charitable fund that works on continuous support of Ukrainians overcoming the period of war. Our team tries to cover every aspect helping lonely elderlies, children without parents, people who lost their houses, abandoned animals, injured and desperate. Our everyday activities include evacuating people from war zones, transportation of humanitarian aid, providing legal and psychological assistance, supporting refugees inside and outside the country. The main purpose of our movement is to help people and animals leave the horror behind and start their normal life again.

CFSW Ukraine is legally registered and acts under the law of Ukraine. We cooperate with foreign volunteers and other funds for arranging charitable sport events and supplying humanitarian aid. If you want to make a contribution and join the resistance movement, you can contact us within the provided phone number or email address. Any effort counts, like a brick put into the wall basement. Providing us information about people in need, linking with the right person in other organizations, helping with packaging, unloading or loading humanitarian aid or donating makes us stronger every day.

Let’s gather around the big idea of uniting and saving our nation!

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