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Help us overcome

It’s impossible to imagine what people from occupied territories, war zones are going through. Everyday fear blended with the fading desire to keep on moving forward. Experiencing loss of your beloved ones, leaving the home, watching your life falling into pieces. Unfortunately, there are those who was raped or seriously injured because of the teasing.

CFSW Ukraine is deeply concerned that the psychological background is the core thing to start a new page of life. We are ready to provide professional assistance to people who need it. Step by step psychological therapy heals even the deepest wounds. 

“The first step may seem the most difficult but is the most important”

What to start with?

Finding yourself in the situation that has happened with all the severeness is unbearable. The first thing that the person should accept is that it is not something wrong with him or her. It is normal to feel lost, as the situation that happened isn’t normal. You may not be ready to overcome this without professional support. Our team provides:

  • the helpline for those for need to leave all the hardship behind before moving forward

  • the delicate assistance to children who survived the war

  • the phone therapy for women, eldery and teenagers who escaped from hotspot and dangerous territories

  • professional online help for women who have experienced sexual violence

There is the way out

Even if at first it seems impossible to live after such a horror, there is always the opportunity to make small movements towards. There is only one life to live for each of us. We can’t ask for another one. Those who tried to destroy someone’s life should not be the one to decide. Being alive is a treasure.

CFSW Ukraine stands for every person who needs psychological assistance. We will bring all the necessary effort to make those people experience the bright side of humanity. If you know anyone who is seeking our assistance, please share the information.

Why is it so important?
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