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Help Us Settle Down

Being forced to move out, leave the house or even the country is always hard and painful. Usually during the war this decision is not taken by the people. It’s the aggressor who decided instead and left no other choice but escape. Facing a new reality is heartbreaking and difficult.

CFSW Ukraine helps those desperate people find a new way to start their life or continue moving forward. Besides the hardship of loss, disappointment and fear of the future, there are a lot of issues arising as well. Our organization helps people figure out all the legal processes they need to undergo being a refugee or a temporary migrant.

“Let us help you start from the very beginning”

How can we be of use?

Any refugee or temporary resident of the foreign country has to undergo the list of procedures. Very often it may be complicated and need clarifying. Our team provides professional assistance with figuring out such things:

  • clarifying all the details concerning staying within different countries as a refugee

  • providing the updated information on how long the temporary protection is active

  • consulting on the list of the documents needed for applying to receive the temporary protection

  • explaining what this or that social package includes.

Why is it important?

Legal issues are core things to get an opportunity to start a new page of life. Without a clear understanding how to act and what to expect it is impossible. We decided to provide qualified assistance to maintain all the legal issues concerning unexpectedly moving to another country.

We keep on updating all the changes of the laws, so that the people don’t have to spend time searching for information. If you know anyone who needs our assistance in dealing with legal issues of refugees, share our contact. Be not aware of everything is normal, nobody expects the loss of everything but there is always a new chance to start.

Why is it so important?
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