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Where are Ukraniane refugees going?

People are still crossing to neighbouring countries, especially those to the west.

  • Poland has taken in 3,463,320 refugees

  • Romania 943,015 (as of 19 May)

  • Russia 887,651 (19 May)

  • Hungary 633,219

  • Moldova 468,998

  • Slovakia 435,660

  • Belarus 27,308 (12 May)

(Some people who travelled from Moldova into Romania are included in both countries' totals).


Poland, Hungary and Slovakia have no border controls with other parts of the EU's Schengen area. Many refugees who first arrived in these countries have since moved on to others.

And more than 700,000 Ukrainians are in Germany, 40% of whom are children.

Some Ukrainians have traveled to Russia from the pro-Russian breakaway regions of Luhansk and Donetsk in the east.

President Vladimir Putin says Russian forces helped evacuate 140,000 civilians from Mariupol but insists no one was forced to go to Russia.

However, volunteer groups such as Rubikus and Helping to Leave say they have helped hundreds of Ukrainians who ended up in Russia to travel to other countries.


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